Nhulunbuy Primary School  has a very active and supportive School Council. The school council members include parents, teachers, community members, executive school staff and invited members. The partnership aims to advocate for better opportunities and outcomes for our students and improvement to our school.

The school council values collaboration and respectful relationships in order to be effective.  The entire school community benefits from the time and commitment our volunteers contribute to the school council. 

If you would like to be involved in the school council to support your child’s education, support the school or the community the school council meets twice a term usually in week 3 and week 9.

School Council Members 2023

  • Principal: Rachel Blundell
  • Chairperson: Noel Carpenter
  • Secretary: Aldona Brewster
  • Treasurer: Jetske Hines

Parent Representative

  • Jade Jones
  • Lisa Smith
  • Bridget Henshaw
  • Sarah Duggan
  • Catherine Fielke
  • Jetske Hines (Preschool)

Staff Members

  • Di Plumridge
  • Annie Thompson

Examples of the work of the school council:

  • Advocating community needs and engaging the school community
  • Participating in setting standards for improvement
  • Advising on the school’s physical needs
  • Ensuring cleaning and grounds maintenance is done
  • Contributing to t he setting of school policies
  • general curriculum related matters
  • manage school property

Recent achievements by the school council  include:

  • Celebrating our 50 Year Anniversary in 2022 with a number of events including the school fete.
  • Supporting the school Beautification Project..
  • Over $50,000 raised in 2022.

The School Council Committees include:

  • Finance
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Fundraising
  • Community linkages

For more information about school councils: NT Council of Government School Organisations