School Wide Positive Behaviour

At Nhulunbuy Primary School our behaviour framework is a teaching framework. We give all the students the opportunity to learn and practice the behaviours needed to succeed at school.  We celebrate success and support improvement when needed.

This framework has a strong evidence base and is part of a world wide shift from trying to manage children’s behaviour with unpleasant consequences.  Like learning to ride a bike or read, learning is easier for some and harder for others. Adults can help by being clear, taking the time to teach, cheering wins and reteaching when it is needed. A calm and positive approach is required.

In accordance with our vision, five values are taught and upheld. These values are the guiding force behind the school’s behaviour management policy. The values are:

What is School Wide Positive Behaviour Support?

SWPB is a Response to Intervention (RTI) Framework informed by extensive research and practical application in schools across multiple countries and contexts. Staff work to establish a positive social culture and implement a teaching and learning approach to behaviour. We are Creating an orderly learning environment to promote development of academic, personal and social capabilities for all students.

SWPB Framework

Three organisational elements of SWPB drive the intended outcomes of social competence and academic achievement:

  • Evidence-based practices, used by staff.
  • Systems to support staff practices.
  • Data to inform decision-making about implementation of the Framework.

Our Acknowledgment System

At NPS, we acknowledge students showing our PRIDE values both in and outside the classroom. Each day teachers award Goldies for those displaying our values within the classroom such as working hard, helping others or getting involved in lessons. They are acknowledged in front of the class as a teaching moment and these Goldies are saved to spend on the Goldie Menu. In the playground, Students are awarded a Pride Card for displaying 1of the 5 values, they go into the draw to win 1 hour of ‘Mac Time’ on a Friday.  

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