Being a remote school does not necessarily mean that students are isolated. Nhulunbuy Primary school places a great emphasis on student access to Learning Technologies and encourages the development of their abilities in using Information and Communication Technologies as an integral part of the curriculum and another learning tool.

The school itself is part of the ntschools network that provides all students with access to both email and internet. All students when enrolled at Nhulunbuy Primary school must complete an “Acceptable Use” agreement before they are provided with access to this network.

Most teaching spaces within the school are equipped with Interactive Whiteboard (Smartboards). Students themselves have access to computers in a variety of ways. All Early Childhood classrooms have at least 3 computers, whilst Primary classes (Years 4 -6) have 4 Netbook laptops for student use. The school also has a Computer Laboratory situated in the same building as the Library that is equipped with desktops that whole classes have access to. Some classes, such as the Year 3, 4 and 5 classes also have specific Learning Technology lessons as part of their ‘Rotation” program. Our library is equipped with laptops for student use and also has a bank of ipads that can be booked out for class use.

Added to the access to these computers and the internet we also subscribe to a variety of interactive educational sites. Students also have access to wide variety of educational software programs, other hardware such as flip cameras, digital cameras and videos.