The Learning Centre provides Special Education students with high needs additional academic and social support with a view to enable our students’ the opportunity to access the same national curriculum as their peers, at a modified level . 

The Learning Centre caters to the diversity of our learners through the provision of Alternative, Augmented Communication Techniques to support the development of communication, explicit teaching methods, and hands-on learning experiences and activities that facilitate the skills necessary for experiencing successes of both an academic and social nature across a range of schooling environments.

Students benefit from a highly structured, small group learning environment and significantly differentiated learn ing sequences that provide access to the Australian curriculum at their individual level.

Students participate in a weekly Life Skills program which includes a mandatory tasting component and promotes healthy lifestyle choices.  

Students’ also participate in a daily Sensory Motor program focusing on gross motor skill development, intensive Literacy and Numeracy support, along with functional activities that promote targeted social skills and appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication.  Students’ have access to a range of communication systems including Derbyshire Language Program, PECS symbols, Communication Boards and iPads.