The Literacy Foundation Centre has the focus of providing quality, individualized intervention for students with literacy difficulties. Students are first assessed using a variety of tools, and then are placed on individualized student support plans/programs.

The program has several intervention programs running. They focus on remediating the causes of students learning difficulties, especially in Literacy, namely Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Students are profiled in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, in the skills of:

a)     Auditory Processing (phonological processing and word attack)

b)     Visual (Orthographic processing and word attack) alongside:

c)     Language (using contexts to gain meaning and vocabulary development).

Information from outside agencies/professionals is integrated into this focus to develop the program.

Currently, our core programs include Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS) program; Lindamood Visualizing and Verbalizing; The PAL (Phonological Awareness for Literacy) and ELF (Early Literacy Foundation).   

“A Gateway to Literacy Program” is the program which underpins our gross motor program.

The time that students attend the Centre is according to student need.

The Mainstream Special Education Teacher manages the Centre, Administrative Coordinator and specifically trained tutor support staff